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What does iSpeak do?

Marcellin College

iSpeak runs workshops, at no cost,  for senior high school students supporting them to  develop their speaking skills.

In the workshop we support  students to find their own voice.  This gives them the power to realise who they are and who they want to be.  This voice is the key to their success.


Students are often anxious about attending a workshop.  We help them turn their anxiety into excitement. The supportive environment of the iSpeak workshop provides empowering skills that students take with them for life.


Speaking skills are just that, skills and skills can be learnt.  The workshop is very interactive, we improve student’s ability to write an engaging speech using  storytelling to illustrate their ideas.  They practice adding  impact to their speaking through the use of body language and vocal variety. 


The students spend time preparing and delivering a short speech as well having fun with some impromptu speaking.  They develop leadership skills through giving feedback to each other.

All workshops are funded by donations made to iSpeak Trust.  There are no fees charged to the  school.  The workshops  can be specifically tailored to meet the  students  needs.  These needs  could be  preparing for further studies at school or a  tertiary institution, employment interviews or commencing an apprenticeship.



What  students said when asked if they would recommend the workshop  to others and why...

I can clearly say this has helped me speak more confidently, it gave me a confidence boost. It will give them a confidence boost.

It was fun!

I have built more confidence to take the opportunity to take on big roles.

It teaches you a lot about being confident and just standing your ground when speaking, it helped me overcome my fear.

 I would recommend this as you will gain speaking skills, even if you are a confident speaker.

Kelston Boys High School Students with iSpeak workshop

“[iSpeak] brought some really good ‘gold’ to our boys. […] We really appreciate them coming in and supporting our young future leaders and I would love for them to return next year same time to work on the next lot of leaders!!!”


Pat Mose, Department Leader of Learning - Careers, Pathways Adviser, Malaga Mahi Hub,

Kelston Boys' High School

The staff and students at Northland College would like to give a huge Thank You to Gaye & Tim. They provided amazing communication from day one and worked well with me to get the workshop up and running.

The students were very apprehensive about putting themselves out there to speak in front of their peers, but totally enjoyed the course and have not stopped raving about how much they enjoyed the workshop. 

The improvement in their confidence has been shown immediately, with many of them taking on new responsibilities within the school. They now have the confidence to speak up and on behalf of their peers to manifest change.


Gaye & Tim, Thank you again so much for an amazing opportunity for our students.

Toni Williams

Services Academy Director & Careers Advisor

Northland College

What the teachers say

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