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iSpeak courses at high schools

Growing self-confidence & self-belief

iSpeak inspires New Zealand youth to develop their speaking skills.  Being able to speak out knowing that you, and your message, is valued increases self-confidence and self-belief.  We provide, at no cost,  workshops  for senior students within their school.  We take them on an adventure to find their own voice.

Our mission is to ensure that no young person in New Zealand misses out on an opportunity or experience due to lack of Confidence or Self Belief.

Students during a iSpeak course

Working with students at Marcellin College to grow their confidence to speak in front of their peers.

Marcellin College with iSpeak

"The improvement in the students confidence has shown immediately. The course has given them self belief."


"The students were very apprehensive about putting themselves out there to speak in front of their peers, but totally enjoyed the course and have not stopped raving about how much they enjoyed the workshop. 

The improvement in their confidence has been shown immediately, with many of them taking on new responsibilities within the school."

Student attending iSpeak Course
97% of students would recommend this course
of students said they would recommend this course to other students

The interactive activities kept the students engaged and I especially liked the "Defend your home" activity. I would gladly recommend any school to involve their senior students in this course and can see that prospective prefects would especially benefit from it. We took the view that every student could benefit and felt we accomplished that goal."


iSpeak came to Glendowie College, with 3 facilitators on Wednesday 8th March. They ran workshops for our entire prefect team, which consisted of 34 year 13 students.

The workshops ran for 4 hours and the 32 feedback sheets from the students were all very positive stating that they had enjoyed the day and all gained a little more confidence from it regarding their public speaking duties this year.


“The iSpeak workshop held at Glendowie College was awesome and unlike any I’ve participated in previously. It was entertaining and interactive and advice they gave us was incredibly valuable. What made it stand out, however, was the focus on practicing the techniques they taught us through exercises like impromptu speeches on unusual topics - they were equally great icebreakers that made everyone feel more comfortable as well as a fantastic way to build confidence and speaking ability in a safe, supportive environment. It was amazing to see how much everyone improved in just four hours, and it really highlighted to me the importance and value of this awesome, unique charity.”

Megan Cartwright, a Glendowie College Head Prefect

Lynfield College with iSpeak

A huge thank you to you, Rochelle, Liz and Catherine for your time, expertise, and work with our student leaders.  They learned so much and valued the feedback in support of making better speeches.  Please don't underestimate your impact!

Gabrielle Clark
Deputy Principal
Lynfield College

iSpeak Trust are excited to announce a partnership with the Gattung Foundation  This partnership will enable iSpeak to provide speaking skills workshops for female senior high school students and Teen Parent Units. Initially in the Auckland area and then extending throughout the North Island.

Working together


Reducing inequality by lifting women’s, Māori and Pasifika voices

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