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Reducing inequality by lifting women’s, Māori and Pasifika voices

iSpeak Trust are excited to announce a partnership with the Gattung Foundation This partnership will enable iSpeak to provide speaking skills workshops for female senior high school students and Teen Parent Units. Initially in the Auckland area and then extending throughout the North Island.


28th May 2023


The students and staff of Taonga Teen Parent Unit appreciate iSpeak Trust coming to our unit to deliver a communications workshop focusing on speaking with confidence.  This was particularly relevant for our students, many of whom were due to make a speech for their Year 12 NCEA English Assessment.

Gaye was well-organised and the setting up of the workshop was hassle-free. The workshop was professionally presented, with a clearly defined structure and relevant examples for the students.


Initially there was a certain amount of apprehension on the part of the students, but this soon disappeared as they became involved in the interactive activities. There was a lot of enjoyment along the way and the students were gently encouraged out of their comfort zones.

At the completion of the workshop our students had gained confidence in how to prepare and present a speech. Without realising, they also acquired skills and knowledge that they will be able to apply later in their lives.

Vivienne Hicks

Director | Taonga Teen Parent Unit

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