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Is there a special recipe we need to use to become a confident speaker?

Yes, it is very simple, you need to take the passion for our message and carefully sprinkle it with authenticity.

What often happens when we start speaking, we feel and are very self-conscious of, our nervousness. When adrenaline gets into our body when we are nervous it plays havoc with our ability to act normally. We just want to be good enough, to get through our speaking without showing the audience our nerves.

We try, and focus on, appearing to be self-confident without recognising and acknowledging what is happening to us on the inside. If you keep pushing away your fears and nerves, you're acting, rather than connecting with your audience. You need to use all that nervous energy for good. It is not about lack of fear it is about taking that fear and anxiety and transforming it into excitement and energy around your message.

Powerful speaking is not about 100% confidence it is about talking from the heart. Your audience may not always remember everything you said but they will remember how you made them feel.


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